Galt and Taggart - Tourism Boom Continues in Georgia
29 August, 2018
Tourism has become one of the key drivers for the Georgian economy. Galt and Taggart has recently published research about the Georgian tourism sector in the first half of 2018. Tourism Boom Continues – says the title.

The research says that tourism is booming in Georgia: “visitor trips (tourist trips and same-day trips combined) were up 16.4% year on year to 3 million in the first half of 2018. Tourist trips drove the growth, reaching 1.9 million visitors and accounting for
64.5% of the total in the first half of 2018. This comfortably translates into our total tourist trip forecast for 2018 of 4.9million.

Leisure and recreation are the predominant purposes for visits to Georgia, and visitors enjoy Georgian cuisine the most. With Georgia’s regions attracting a growing number of visitors and the regional accommodation market undersupplied, the timing for further regional hotel development in Georgia looks right.

From the countries neighbouring Georgia, the majority of visitors came from Russia. Then from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The forecast is very positive for Georgia - “We expect tourist trips to reach nearly 9 million by 2022” says the research.

“We have revised our forecast upwards and now expect 8.8 million tourist trips in 2022 (up from 7.6million previously), or 2.4x Georgia ’s population. This increase will see Georgia overtake Hungary (1.6x), Slovenia (1.5x), Albania (1.4x) and Bulgaria (1.2x) according to their 2016 ratios. However, this would still be below the ratios found in Croatia (3.3x), Cyprus (2.7x) and Montenegro (2.7x) in 2016”.

One of the most interesting questions is why so many people are now visiting Georgia? The research says that leisure and recreation are the predominant purposes for visits to Georgia. “We expect the share of leisure/recreation visitors to increase given Georgia’s ambition to become a four-season tourist destination” – says the research.

What do the visitors enjoy the most? – Georgian cuisine.

Tourists and visitors from India, Saudi Arabia and UAE spend the most money in Georgia.

There is also a positive regional trend as well. Apart from Tbilisi and the Adjara region( which includes Batumi) which are the 2 most popular tourist destinations in Georgia, other regions of Georgia are becoming more popular amongst tourists as well. Even though the biggest supply of accommodation is located in Tbilisi and the Adjara region, gradually more and more hotels are being built in other regions. “Tbilisi however remains the most popular tourist destination; however, Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti and a number of other regions saw significant increases in tourist trips in the first half of 2018” – says the research.

Source: Galt & Taggart

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