Training farmers to rescue the organic hazelnut production in Georgia
13 December, 2018
Even drizzling rain and unpleasant gusts of wind can’t prevent the farmers from coming and participating in the agricultural training. They surround the course instructor and agronomist Lasha Tsigriashvili of the governmental scientific research centre, who is kneeling beside a hazelnut shrub in the middle of an orchard in the village of Pereta in Guria.

Today’s lesson is all about pruning – the regular cutting away of dead or overgrown branches and stems. Lasha Tsigriashvili asks one of the participants to
cut away four stems of a shrub so that in the end only five stems are left. The farmers are skeptical. Fever stems means a smaller number of hazelnuts, they argue. In the long run, indeed the opposite is true, explains Lasha Tsigriashvili.
Pruning makes the hazelnut more robust

Thanks to the pruning, the left-over parts of the shrub receive more energy, which enhances the fruit growth and makes the shrub more robust in general. And sturdiness is what the hazelnuts in Georgian orchards are desperately in need of. While import and export of goods are increasing and climate change is underway, new pests arrive to the regions.

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The most famous example is the brown marmorated stink bug that invaded West Georgia in 2016. But there are also other pests such as viruses, bacteria and fungi that threaten the hazelnut production. As organic farmers are restricted in the application of chemical pesticides, one of the most important measures is pruning.

“If farmers do not take better care of their orchards, then the situation continues to get worse year by year”, says Lasha Tsigriashvili regarding the fact that losses in hazelnut harvest have been devastating for the last two years and continue to be severe.
Hazelnut orchard in Guria

Indeed, the last years were not easy for the farmers of the Pereta cooperative that was funded in 2014, the only 24 year old director Vakho Merkvilishvili admits. This year, the 34 members of the cooperative harvested 40 tons of good quality hazelnuts out of 80 ha of land in total.“That is not enough”, says the director. And as if the pest infestations weren’t enough, the cooperative is in a price dispute with the fair trade company buying their hazelnuts.

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But despite these obstacles, and rather surprisingly, Vakho Merkvilishvili does not seem to be crestfallen at all. “Many of our members are young farmers with small patches of land and little knowledge about more intensive hazelnut production”, he explains. “But we really want to learn and improve”. Thanks to the Biological Farming Association Elkana, they have access to training like the one today.
Young and ambitious: the director of the agricultural cooperative in Pereta

With the support of Elkana, Vakho Merkvilishvili is optimistic that the cooperative will achieve their ambitious plans eventually. He himself returned to his village after his studies in mathematics in Tbilisi in order to develop the village and prevent it from dying out.

The cooperative has already started a tea plantation that should become a source of income in addition to the hazelnuts. “I want people to know the name of our village. Pereta is going to be a brand for foodstuff”, says Vakho Merkvilishvili before he returns to the group to catch more of the instructor’s precious advice.

Author: Martina Polek
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