Business Positive – Successful radio program from Radio Positive
12 April, 2019
Starting point of radio program Business Positive is to meet interesting people, communicate with them and deliver information that is interesting for the audience. This is what adds attraction to the program.

Host of the program is Natalia Pachkoria, journalist and screenwriter. She works in Radio, but has background of working in TV. Business Positive is heir of TV program Business on High Heels. The latter used to have high ratings for years in TV space.

Having experience of working in
TV made it easier to make a radio program and it has been 10 years since Business Positive is a leading and unchangeable show. But one cannot call it a standard show – it is more like an interview, where guests are able to speak about their job and how they try to make Georgia and the Georgian business stronger.

Radio Positive (FM 104.3) offers tasteful and refined music. This is the reason why intelligent and businesslike people listen to Radio Positive. This served as inspiration to make analytic and cognitive show Business Positive.

Business Positive is aired on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 pm Tbilisi time. The guests, no matter are they from fashion or business circle, visit the show and make gallery of our guests richer.
Natalia Pachkoria

The show lasts for an hour in an environment that leaves the guests astonished – time flies away so quickly and it appears that an hour long interview is not as long as it seemed in the beginning.

Success is a relative thing, so in media there are no projects that are successful thanks to only one person. This is a field that requires team building and involvement from every member of the team. Business Positive would not be successful without contribution of Ekaterine Galdavadze, producer of the show, sound director Nino Gogolashvili and director Konstantine Tsivtsivadze.

Episodes of the show are not so different from each other – Business Positive offers the hardest genre of its type – an interview and it lasts for an hour. The most important thing is not what the host knows. The most important thing is a guest – how can they represent themselves, their personality and brand before the listeners. Natalia Pachkoria wants to show a guest from an interesting side and this is what makes the show attractive and successful.

Business Positive is the best platform for those, who create new Georgian business platform.
Radio Positive is indeed a space full of positivity, where any of the businessmen can discuss about their business and express their opinion.

Listen to Radio Positive (FM 104.3) and Business Positive on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 pm Tbilisi time, meet successful people and explore about their way from simple idea to realized dreams.

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