Live as a marketing tool and an unprecedented live stream launched by Livetag
03 June, 2019
Sharing information has become smoother and more versatile in today’s technological world. Recently, live streaming, an online streaming media has become especially popular. Compared to the TV’s exclusive possibility of live streaming in the previous decades, now it has become a part of people’s daily life. Online streaming media serve as an effective marketing tool in business. The goals of live streaming can only be achieved through relevant knowledge in the process. Georgian market offers live streaming services. Besides TV, the
first company that provided the service in Georgia was iMediaHub. As a part of the rebranding process in the previous year, iMediaHub now fairly successfully repositions as Livetag.

We reached the founder of the company Gia Zautashvili to know more about live streaming and the effective marketing strategy for its usage.

When did you get interested in live streaming and what was your first project?

I became interested in live streaming in 2013. At first, it was only a hobby. I was then working in ‘Bookland’ that was running a quiz show competition. I decided to live stream the show. Later, when I observed that in Ukraine live streaming was effectively used during Euromaidan protests, I realized that live shifted from TV to the Internet and that it would become the future of information sharing. I saw the power of live streaming that could not be stopped. At that time, I decided to fully engage in the occupation, purchased the equipment, enlarged my team and launched the very first live streams. Initially, we were working with the Rugby union, doing exclusive live streams for free. That was my first professional experience. All in all, we have live streamed the matches during two seasons. Meanwhile, we started the car race live streaming.

How has your occupation developed after becoming a beneficiary of ‘Start-up Georgia’ and receiving the fund?

As a beneficiary of ‘Start-up Georgia’, I received a long-term preferential loan. During that time, we created iMediaHub, a first commercial company in Georgia offering a live streaming service. Our occupation has gradually become a business with a diversified portfolio. In 2018, iMediaHub was divided into two companies – the first team went for advertising occupation and we rebranded our company as Livetag and started working in this direction with great enthusiasm and mobilization.
We preferred working in a car park to the office. The place was conceptually and emblematically relevant to us as a start-up company. Numerous tech giants started their occupation in car parks. We have less spending and more freedom in that way. Being free from the internet network issue, we have more experiment opportunities.

Apart from live streaming, we are starting to provide telebridges as well. We have successfully done if for Tech Park Georgia. We are planning to organize interesting TVbridges. Judging from what I have mentioned, Livetag has positioned itself as a successful company on the market.

What does the name Livetag mean?

We intended the name of the company to be more than just a name. There is no search tool or filter for live streaming. The base is vast and growing, making it impossible to find a particular live. That’s why we came up with Livetag similar to Hashtag mechanism tagging posts. We thought Livetag would be a tagging mechanism for live streams and created its symbol //Livetag as well. We hope the social network will pay attention to it and the symbol will become as established as #Hashtag today.

What are the advantages of your company, why other companies should reach you?

First of all, compared to TV, our company has a less budget service. One of the advantages of our company is that we offer a service without boundaries. Livetag fully fit the client needs. We often work with advertising agencies, pushing their creative departments to think outside the box. We aim to help our client fulfill all his/her creativity.

The other advantage of our company is the wide distribution of live streams. We have a youth group who spread the live streams in order to increase reaches and engagement.

What is the cost range of live streaming?

The cost of our service starts from hundreds of GEL. TV companies offer the same service at over 10 000 GEL. It goes without saying that the TV service comes with high quality but not every company can afford it. Therefore, we offer maximum quality at a reasonable price. Generally, the cost is based on the equipment and the film unit needed for the particular live stream as well as the breadth of the content.

What are the features of effective live streaming?

Generally, when a company offers a live stream to its customers, it enhances the company’s credibility. It can be interpreted that the company is in order and free from unpleasant incidents.

If an event being livestreamed is a large-scale project, several cameras are required for its effective filming. In such cases, directors have more opportunities to provide interesting and versatile scenes for the customers. Watching a live stream is usually followed by liking the company’s page.

Business should take it into consideration that live streaming is an effective marketing tool nowadays. Post-production also counts, however, edited product elicit less credibility and effectiveness than live streaming. The video data is enormous and the customers are more or less bored of it.

What are your special live streaming experiences?

The most difficult live streaming was during car races as the live set was measured not by meters but kilometers. The race was a day-long event and in naturally difficult conditions. In terms of content, the event organized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia was very interesting. The theme was ‘The Knight in the Panther's Skin’ and the scenes came off very interesting.

Another special experience was 360-degree and 48-hour live streaming during the parliamentary elections. It was commissioned by the Election Administration of Georgia and we were working from the very place where the vote counting process was taking place. Before us, it was Donald Trump’s team who streamed the elections in this way, but it was inter-party elections in America.

Who are your partner companies?

At present, our major partner is Tbilisi State University, making at least two live streams in a month for them. We have launched live streams for various companies namely EUMM Georgia, Techno park, the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, Entrepreneur Georgia, Expo Georgia, Business accelerator ‘Spark’,, Clean House, USAID Georgia, Concierge Tbilisi, 4MEDIA, Redberry, Windfor’s, Radio Fortuna, Charm Trade, University of Georgia, etc.

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