Coca Cola to open new factory in Georgia, will hire female drivers
11 June, 2019
Coca Cola is opening new factory in Georgia in December. Temur Chkonia, founder of Coca Cola Bottlers Georgia says that factory will be equipped with modern technologies.

Coca Cola Bottlers Georgia has started building of the new plant in Autumn of 2018 on Mukhrani Valley. It will be spread on 18 000 square meters area and will include new HQ spread over 2 000 square meters.

Temur Chkonia says that the company has already spent around $22 million and the amount
of spent money raises.

“We are already installing new devices. If everything goes fine, we would have moved to the new HQ by the 15th of December” – says Temur Chkonia.

“Scale of production is enormous, so big it is hard to tell. We want to make something that, of course, will have analogue in the world, but will still be impressive. We have put together the best options. Additionally, water in Mukhrani has unique features and very clean. This is very important for production” - says Temur Chkonia.

Temur Chkonia says that new plant will require more employees and now they are looking for female employees as well, because he does not trust boys any more.

The plant will include rooms for visitors, where they can get to know how the company was created. It is planned to receive around 10 000 visitors a year.

Temur Chkonia says that they will produce water and natural juices in the same plant in the future, but this idea needs to be agreed with Coca Cola HQ first.

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