The most wanted fruits from Georgia
17 July, 2019
The fruit exportation has decreased in Georgia. According to Geostat (National Statistics Office of Georgia), this year, up until May Georgia exported 25 939 300 USD worth of fruit – 6 771 300 USD less than in 2018. Here are the 5 most wanted fruits from Georgia:

According to the data of January-May of 2019, Georgia sold the largest amount of nuts (Hazelnut and Walnut) worth of 14 770 300 USD.

The apples, pears, and quinces share second place with 4
228 200 USD.

On the third place comes dried bananas including plantain bananas the export worth of 3 005 200 USD.

On the fourth place, 2 677 900 USD came from citrus fruits in fresh or dried form.

The top five finishes with the export worth of 563 800 USD of various dried fruits.

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