Georgian wine tasting in the US came off excellently
22 July, 2019
Georgian wine tasting in the main cities of the US, New York, Chicago, and Boston went off excellently. The event was accompanied by a seminar on the traditions and the history of the Georgian winemaking. The day was presided by a world-famous sommelier Taylor Parson. The organizer of the event was the company "Marq Energie Consulting’’ financially supported by the National Wine Agency of Georgia.

Georgian wine tasting aimed at popularizing the local wine in the US. It should be noted that
there is a rapid increase in wine exports to the US. According to the statistics, there were 354 000 bottles of wine exported to the US over the 6 months of 2019, which is 90% higher compared to the point of the corresponding period in the previous year.
However, the number of wine bottles brought to the US is significantly lower than that of 21 372 581 bottles exported to Russia. Georgian wine is used by Russia as a political weapon against Georgia. The Russian Duma supported sanctions against Georgia. The Russian State Duma adopted a statement at the plenary session, in which it recommends the government to consider the expediency of imposition of special economic measures against Georgia and submit the relevant proposals to the Russian president. The document prepared by the Duma's CIS Issues Committee implies a prohibition of imports of Georgian wine and mineral water, as well as suspension of money transfers from Russia to Georgia.

Therefore, Georgia’s economic dependence on Russia is unstable and political. Georgia had better diversify export possibilities all over the world in order to prevent Russia, who has occupied 20% of Georgian land, from playing games with the country.

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