Public Relations
16 February, 2012
Public Relations

Judge  Lasha  Kalandadze  is today presenting to Georgian Journal his thoughts on the importance of well- built public relations in Georgia’s judiciary system. As he says, the correctly organized public relations help the judiciary greatly to work more efficiently.


NBR – What would be your most general, let us say, the introductory thoughts on the role of public relations in the system?

L.K. – In one of my interviews with GJ I had mentioned that the judiciary is a servant of people.


society has vested interest in being aware of how the judiciary operates in terms of ensuring and protecting human rights and freedoms. Accordingly, judicial authorities have primary responsibility for providing public with firsthand and appropriate information about on-going activities of the judiciary. I simply wanted to add that the more information we spread and the more efficiently we disperse or share it with others, the easier it will be for us to act correctly and relevantly. Information is essential for us, but also for those who they are directed to. As a matter of fact, the timely information of the public means setting the records straight in between our society and the judiciary.

NBR – What could you say about the communication strategy, if there exists any at all?

L.K. – In my view, there are three key goals to be achieved as a consequence of the effective communication strategy: a) to provide information on the court work so that the citizens and media understand better the court procedures, and the courts become more transparent and   accessible; b) to consult the interested parties in order to find what they think about courts’ activities and to identify the ways for their improvement; c) to promote court and its activities in order to elevate the court image, and increase the level of respect and trust of the citizens  towards the judiciary in general.

NBR – What are your most optimal and proven ways to keep public informed efficiently?

L.K. – That is not a simple task to achieve but it is a kind of a process that requires thorough preparation, organization, skill and team work. In the first place, this would be keeping public informed on the work of courts which may be achieved via proper training of personnel in the field of public relations and by helping them to carry out their job well and professionally. By introducing the Speaker-Judge’s position in Georgia, courts have acquired the opportunity to provide our society with appropriate information on activities of judiciary and also, to ensure free access to the information.

NBR – What kind of communication means are used in courts in order to inform society?

L.K. – Several kinds of communication means are effectively functioning in our courts. For example, information desks, web sites of the courts, signs in the court buildings, box for clients’ suggestions. This means helping people to get more information on operation of courts, procedures and rules of court. It should be noted that the public is informed about the ongoing reform and functioning of the Judiciary by means of several TV projects and by permanently running the newspaper articles. Informative booklets, leaflets and court guidebooks on topical and frequently Asked Questions are published periodically. The appropriate knowledge of these issues will give a chance to our society to better protect their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Interesting and useful information about the activity of Judiciary is made public via our web-site.

NBR – How about Cooperation with international organizations?

L.K. –we are actively cooperating with various international organizations, which are making important contributions to the development and promotion of the Georgian system of justice.

Cooperation is carried out in three basic directions: 1. System development; 2 Capacity building and 3. Enhancing of public awareness, which on its part includes the promotion of the judiciary power and its certain institutions. Finely, I would like to emphasize that the public relations and the cooperation with international community are needed to take successful steps towards guaranteeing that each individual feel the existence of independent, objective and fair court in Georgia.

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