People Detained for Child Traficking
12 February, 2020
Seven people have been arrested by Georgian law enforcers for child trafficking. Mother of a child and two doctors are among the people detained.

According to the information the accused ones attempted to sell the child for $ 13, 000. To conceal the crime, the mother of a child was registered at the hospital under the name of another individual. As it turns out, they have found a person who was willing to pay money for the baby during pregnancy.

strongly denies selling the baby from the clinic but confirms that the woman gave birth there.

"There was no occasion like this. The baby was not sold from our clinic. The woman gave birth to a child here but I can not tell you what happened afterward."- one of the staff members says.

The clinic's General Director says that the staff members have nothing to do with that occasion.

The ministry says that the child was sold on February 6, 2020, shortly before the individuals were detained.

The detainees face 14 to 17 years in prison. 

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