Unplanned inspection of MediaPalitra
08 June, 2011
Unplanned inspection of MediaPalitra


MediaPalitra made a special statement

The people who gathered at the Palitra building were unanimous. They called on the authorities to abandon the pressure on media. Majority of politicians connected the unplanned inspection with the events unfolded on May 25-26 in the capital of Georgia and dispersal of the action. According to political leaders the MediaPalitra publications did their best to cover the events objectively and it triggered the anger of authorities.


Yesterday’s unscheduled audit of the Media Palitra by the Revenue

Service obstructed the work of the Media House, Marika Darchia, Creative Director of the Media House, said .

Namely, problems were created in printing of newspapers. ‘The printing was delayed. Consequently, our readers got our newspapers a bit late. As far as I know the sealed polygraphic stores are now being opened’, Darchia said.

According to her, simultaneous audit of six absolutely different and separate organizations of the Media House causes suspicion. ‘We hope all this won’t lead to serious obstructions’, she said.

The Revenue Service launched an audit in six structures of Media Palitra yesterday. Printing and polygraphic stores of “Palitar L” were sealed up.

The Public Defender calls on the Revenue Service to explain causes for unscheduled audit in the Media House Palitra. According to the statement of the Defender, the fact that the audit came shortly after the impartial and full covering of the 26 May event by the Media Palitra leads to suspicions.

‘We hear every day from the government that it is facilitating development of business, and that it made audit procedures transparent and painless. Hence, the unscheduled audit of Media Palitra was absolutely incomprehensible’, the statement by the Public Defender says.

The Board of Journalistic Ethics Charter expresses hope that the audit conducted at MediaPalitra is not related to the impartial covering of the 26 May development by the media organization .

The Board of Journalistic Ethics Charter expresses solidarity to the journalists of MediaPalitra. The Board calls for a transparent audit.

The Board of Journalistic Ethics Charter calls on the diplomatic corps and the journalists’ rights defender international organizations not to let restriction of free speech in Georgia.

‘We appeal to the Georgian society to fight together against any open or secret attempt for establishing censorship. We call on the society to care for development of high ethical journalism’, the statement of the Board of Journalistic Ethics Charter says.

‘We promise we won’t concede Media Palitra’, Christian-Democrat Inga Grigolia said.

She called on the government to stop pressure on free media . She expressed concern over the unscheduled audit of Media Palitra by the Revenue Service.

According to Grigolia, she was sure the audit was related to the impartial covering of the 26 May event by the Media Palitra.

‘People could get objective information just from Maestro TV and Palitra TV. I don’t think the audit was accidental’, Grigolia said.

Media Corporation “Asaval Dasavali” expresses solidarity to “Media Palitra” and says that free speech is in danger . “Asaval Dasavali” is extremely concerned and protests the unscheduled audit in “Media Palitra” launched by the Revenue Service.

Maestro TV has released a statement expressing solidarity to Media Palitra .

‘We think Media Palitra is covering developments with a high level of professionalism, impartiality and responsibly. The audit should not become a motive for pressure on free media. We hope the audit will be conducted fairly and it won’t hamper the operation of the Media House’, the statement says.

The Revenue Service explains that scheduled tax inspection is being conducted in “Media Palitra”, in 6 different Ltds and they will not have problems for functioning.

As InterPressNews was told by deputy head of the control division of the revenue service prevention department Nugzar Tsulukidze, a scheduled inspection is being conducted in “Media Palitra”.

He says that stores of “MediaPalitra” have not been locked and they will not stop functioning.

“This procedure is not to hinder anyone. On the contrary, we are ready for cooperation”, Tsulukidze said.

Correspondent of InterPressNews informs from the scene that the paper and printing stores of publishing house “Palitra L”, are locked now.

Nugzar Tsulukidze explains that inspection of material values – making inventory doesn’t imply warning in advance.

“As for documentary revision, notification has already been made and you can check it everyone; in general, inspections take place and not only in Media Palitra”, Tsulukidze added, who alleges that any store of Media Palitra will be able to work whenever they want.”, Tsulukidze says explaining that stores were closed temporarily.

Tsulukidze said that it was a simple procedure. He says that as soon as accounting remainder data is obtained, the entity will continue work.


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