Urban variARTion
26 July, 2012

On Thursday, 26 July, the Center of Contemporary Art -Tbilisi calls for the first meeting in Tbilisi. Urban VariARTion 2013 is planned art project of four post-Communist countries: Slovakia – Poland and Armenia-Georgia. The main idea is to transform the street, move form lifeless and ugly places made of Communist concrete in to human-friendly and aesthetic places through street-art. Besides, to bring more art into everyday life, move from gallery to the street. It intends to do it by complexes

of oversize paintings or posters on blocks and buildings in towns. Artists from these countries will travel, perform workshops and enrich experience.

Urban VariARTion 2013 reflects empowerment of young artists trying to change the environment, which was made by old structures. It is a big challenge to get a space to express yourself. At the meeting you can be involved in the project preparing the process, you can change and set conditions.

If you are interested and would like to join the discussion and presentation, the meeting will be held by Miroslava Polanska (Constellation of Art, Slovakia) and Yeghiazar Movsisyan (5th Floor Cultural Group, Armenia) in English language, translated into Georgian if needed. Space and support of NPAK, Yerevan. Supported by Step Beyond - travel grand of ECF (European Cultural Foundation).

DATE: 26 July, 2012

VENUE: CCA Tbilisi