Vinnie Jones to Make ‘Wishes Come True’
07 February, 2013
Vinnie Jones to Make ‘Wishes Come True’
Hollywood Tough Guy becomes the face of the Constanta Bank product

Snatch, Euro Trip and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – these are the films in which Georgian cinema fans remember him best. Hollywood star Vinnie Jones arrived in Georgia. With his distinctive and aggressive style, he became the face of the Constanta Bank’s new product – Inbox. The famous actor spent five days in Tbilisi. His stay ended with the press conference and preview of the commercial, in which he features.

Inbox advertisement campaign began with a provocative video message, that raised one question for those who had seen the  footage released on internet some time before the arrival of the British actor – “Whose bones is Vinnie Jones going to break in Georgia?”
In the video Hollywood’s prominent tough guy is featured sitting in the Turkish airport, complaining about receiving strange parcels in his Inbox and threatening to break bones of some individuals upon his arrival. The message turnes out to be a part of an entertaining and provocative advertising campaign of the Constanta Bank’s new product called Inbox.
Inbox is a new cumulative product of the Constanta Bank, which assists customers to accumulate the expenses we all waste every day.
“Our product gives you the opportunity to achieve whatever you wish by yourself. You just need to make the first few steps. Vinnie is that kind of a character, doing whatever he wants. His ambitious persona fits our product perfectly and that is why we decided to invite him”, the Head of the Marketing Department of the Constanta Bank, Lasha-Giorgi Gogua told us. 
Inbox is an innovative type of a product, which is relatively new on the banking market. According to the representative of the bank’s public relations department, it was launched last year. The consumer does not need to visit the bank to open an Inbox account. There will be numbers of special desks throughout the city, where anybody can start the account. Besides, 24 hours a day, from any spot of the country, you will be able to fill the balance with the desirable sum of money. 
This product is intended for those who have some change in their pockets every day and these little sums of money vanish imperceptibly. We offer to accumulate this change on the inbox account and make a wish. Meanwhile, the Constanta bank will add certain benefits to your account and some time later you unexpectedly find that there is enough money on your account for your wish to come true.
Talking about what makes this product so special, the face of the Inbox, Vinnie Jones said: “The purpose is to encourage people to save up and show them their wishes can come true. Everybody can look for saving money; they need some kind of guidance in order to save up for whatever it is: your daughter’s wedding or a car, holidays or something else. For their Inbox product the bank wanted to do something different; thus instead of a man from a bank with a tie, talking about the subject, they decided to do something unusual; I guess, that’s why they invited me”. 
In an exclusive interview, Vinnie Jones talked about his career, artistic work and future plans.
Having played for over fifteen years for different football clubs, and nicknamed one of the hardest ‘hard men’ of the UK football and then transplanted to the cinema works, Vinnie Jones admits that he had been trained and brought up to be a footballer and later, he ‘was carried away by acting’: “I think I am very natural in front of the camera because when you play football, you many cameras watch you and you give many interviews; so, when it comes to acting in the film, you know where the camera is and you feel it. I learned a lot of tricks during filming, but I could say, I was born a footballer and I became an actor”.
He joked that working keeps him out of trouble, so several days of his stay in Georgia have been quite busy. Apart from shooting the commercial, he also performed with one of Georgian bands, visited an orphanage house, met with the students at Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Cinema. 
“I told young actors to follow their dreams. It is a rough road. Because along this path they shut more doors on your face than they open them for you. So, you have to revive yourself every time. I think the Inbox should generate a lot of awareness, especially among the young people. It will encourage them to start saving at young age, feel responsibilities and look forward to fulfilling of their dreams”, Vinnie Jones told Georgian Journal.
Jones has left Georgia, but will soon be back to play Gia Tabidze’s part in the film “The Jeans Generation” directed by Georgian filmmaker Nikoloz Khomasuridze.
Meanwhile, the Inbox commercial, featuring famous Hollywood ‘tough guy’ will be released in several weeks. Shot by a prominent Georgian cameraman Lomer Akhvlediani, it promises to be an entertaining ad with an ambitious intention of taking the Georgian commercials market to a new level and promoting the message that ‘Wishes Come True’.
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