Lika Kazbegi’s ‘Successful’ Project
30 December, 2010

Informational support by ‘georgian journal’

On December 23, at 8 p.m. only by invitations, Didube Plaza hosted the successful and already popular show - “Successful”. As everybody knows, it features successful females with attractive looks. When the presenter - popular Eka Togonidze officially announced the opening of the show, the venue was already full of the invited guests; the spectators numbered about 1000, among which abounded well-known faces eager to view the third project by Lika Kazbegi.  
It was astonishing for the

audience to find out that  this year 20  business ladies  sauntered  along the cat-walk, because in the first project mostly artists participated in the show and  the second project became the arena for female professors, academicians and scientists. This year, three designers Tinatin Maghalashvili, Ana Changiani who works on Teka materials, and Patuna Bushyhead cooperated with Lika Kazbegi. The show also presented other successful women like artist Nino Khomasuridze, cardiologist Nino Nadiradze, author of bestseller Teona Dolenjashvili, etc.
Currently Lika Kazbegi’s agency has changed its major partner and with immense support of “Didube Plaza” and RomPetrol the third project achieved success again.
“On the whole I’m pleased and happy with the progress of the show, but naturally I was also worried a lot, because this kind of project needs great work to be done. Fortunately all participants together with the audience and my supporters are satisfied and pleased!” said Lika Kazbegi. Principal supporters of the project will continue to cooperate with Lika Kazbegi and the next show “shock defile” will be upcoming with many surprises.