“Leonardo told me he supported Georgia in the war with Russia” – Georgian model on meeting with DiCaprio
14 April, 2016
A successful Georgian model, Kristine Dzidziguri is the wife of Georgian King Erekle II’s heir, Prince Juan (Ioane) Bagrationi. She was a face of Dior in France, and before leaving Georgia, she was part of a folk-dance ensemble, Erisioni. In 2008 she became vice-Miss Georgia.

In Europe, where she now lives, she has met many famous people. This time she remembers how she met famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

‘I met Leonardo twice. First it was at the Cannes Film
Festival and then in Paris. We talked about many things, including the 2008 war between Georgia and Russia. He told me he supported Georgia. I think he is a very interesting and talented person. When he received an Oscar, it was a big deal because he waited for it for years and his fans, including me, were very happy too.’

In 2010, during Tbilisi Fashion Week, the French critics invited Kristine to Paris for one year. Kristine successfully passed all the castings held by various modeling agencies and achieved a considerable success. She met her future husband in France.

Kristine Dzidziguri with her spouse