Art as a way to spread happiness - Young Georgian artist’s works exhibited in Tbilisi
12 July, 2016
Art as a way to spread happiness - Young Georgian artist’s works exhibited in Tbilisi
The creative works of young artists, working in various fields, are are becoming a kind of a trend in modern Georgia, be it in music, inventions, paintings or craftworks.

One of the talented self-taught young artists, Lika Chigladze was hosted by Artcafe Punctum in Tbilisi, where her paintings and craftworks where exhibited.
She graduated from American Studies faculty and works as a journalist. Apart from that culinary and paintings occupy important part in her life. For 23-year-old Lika this was
the first ever personal exhibition.

“I paint from the time I can remember myself. This has always been a hobby for me, but at the same time, it was what gave me the greatest pleasure. I don’t have any kind of specific education in this field, except few lessons that I took when I was a kid,” - Lika Chigladze told Georgian Journal.

Her paintings, with amazing colors and interesting details, are so marvelous that you keep looking at them for hours. They are very original and different to what most of the people have seen before.

“I cannot attribute my works to particular movement because I think they are the mix of various genres. However, I should admit that my favorite artists are Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt, whose influence can be observed in my artworks,” Lika says.
The young artist explains each painting takes different time to finish. Due to her tight schedule, it often takes her several weeks to complete one particular work and on the other hand, there are some paintings that were finished in one night or several hours.

“My inspiration comes from different things, be it a rain, laundry hung from someone’s balcony, nice live music or a good book,” she says.
Apart from the paintings, there were artworks made of clay at the exhibition, including adornments that are very popular among local young customers as well as foreign tourists.
“I made the first adornment for my friend one year ago. As for the birds series, I have been making them for the last several months. This is quite a difficult process. First I make figures from clay and then I process them and paint them.” Creating something new is a life occurrence for Lika which she successfully fulfills both in her profession and her creative work.

“For me, the art is the way to give pleasure and a little bit of happiness to people,” Lika says.

Georgian Journal wishes all the best to this young and extremely talented artist in her career.

To see more of Lika Chigladze's works, follow the link
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