Italian duo Tale Of Us to perform in Tbilisi on April 28
08 January, 2018
Famous Italian duo Tale Of Us comprising of two Italian artists Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri will perform in Tbilisi, Georgia. The show will take place at Spacehall, a multifunctional space owned by Bassiani underground club. The artists will perform in Tbilisi on April 28. Other performers are famous Georgian DJ and producer Gacha Bakradze and popular local house Dj Cosmic Love Rotation. It is noteworthy that renowned Italian duo Tale Of Us used Georgian gospel for the dead for their
track Frozen Lake and performed at Afterlife, in Ibiza, in September 2016. As it turned out, the musical fragment used in the electronic music, was performed by a monk living in Georgia named Father Serafim, who is known for singing beautiful chants in Aramaic and Georgian languages.
Tale Of Us

As a reminder, the world-renowned DJs paid a visit to Georgia’s seaside Anaklia resort in 2015 and performed at a major electronic music festival GEM Fest. It is not known how they discovered the chant performed by the monk or how it appeared in their music, yet it came out as quite an interesting musical piece and an unusual mix of spirituals and electronic music. Listen and judge it for yourself.
Tale Of Us in Spacehall

The duo was established in Berlin in 2011. The project gained success throughout the world by its varied and unique sound. The duo's tracks have been released by such labels as Deutsche Grammophon, Life And Death, R & S Records as well by as Richie Hawtin's M_nus. In 2016 the artists established their own label Afterlife. Their most important work is the debut album Endless (2017) that represents the synthesis of ambient and modern classical music.

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