“Tough men” sound sweet – Georgian ensemble’s mesmerizing performance in the US
02 December, 2016
Georgia’s State Folk Ensemble Basiani, collaborated with the famous American producing company David Eden Productions and has toured accsorss USA.
The first concert was held in California’s Stanford University and received a wonderful feedback from the audience. The next day, Los Angeles Times wrote an article about the show. Facebook page Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds posted a video showing ensemble "Basiani" during a try out at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in Urbana (Illinois).

They are performing popular

“Nice to hear "Tough men" sound sweet, comforting and fragile for a change”, the website says.

“The ensemble performs Georgian folk songs and traditional Hymns by researching and reviving them from ancient phonological and notated recordings, studying songs directly from famous singers and conductors of older generations active in different regions of Georgia. It also works with many world-renowned ethnomusicologists”

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