Georgian animation Li.le featured at Berlinale
14 January, 2017
Georgian short animation Li.le has been featured at Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival), one of the leading and most prestigious film festivals.

The animation directed by Natia Nikolashvili and produced by Vladimer Kacharava is presented in the category of Short Films Generation Kplus (aimed at those aged four and above). Awards in the section are determined by three separate juries—the Children's Jury, the Youth Jury and an international jury of experts—whose decisions are made independent of one another.

The 10-minute
animation is about a girl named Lile, left in lifeless forest, seeking her own reflection to bring the light back to the world. Name Lile [lee-leh] originates from Georgia’s remote Svaneti region and means the sun. Also it is the name of the goddess of the sun.

“We, the animation team of 20 Steps Productions, have finished working on yet another short animation Li.le.Originally the idea came to me around 4 years ago, when I listened to the piece by Irish pianist, yet since then it underwent transformation until ending up as it is now.The film will premiere at Generation Kplus, one of the categories of Berlinale, before being featured at various film festivals. Such success is highly beneficial for the project in process as well as for the future films. We are about to start working on the new script for a new full-length animation. Although the theme will be entirely different, the film will be fantasy style, similarly to Li.le. In addition, we are working on yet another short animation that we hope will succeed as well., “ - Natia Nikolashvili, director ofLi.le, told Georgian Journal.

Natia is 27 years old. She graduated from Theatre and Film Georgia State University, faculty of Animation Directing. In 2010 she directed her graduation animation named The Country of Rising Sun. Since then she has been involved in different projects and worked on adverts and hand painted animations. Lile will be her debut work.

Here we present to you the fragment (Working test) of the animation

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