‘Constellation’ – Unprecedented Chinese contemporary art exhibition in Tbilisi
19 June, 2017
‘Constellation’ – Unprecedented Chinese contemporary art exhibition in Tbilisi
Georgian National Museum D. Shevardnadze National Gallery displays artworks by Chinese contemporary artists. The Exhibition named “Constellation” was opened on 8th of June.

This exhibition is a major symbolic event representing the emergent Chinese avant-garde artists who influence the art scene in China today. This generation of artists no longer relies on the political history background, they have become the players of a larger scene, global in every sense. It shows an understanding of Chinese art as a vital and
outstanding way of dealing with political, social and aesthetic issues.

Ai Weiwei, Hu Xiaoyuan, Li Shurui, Liu Wei, Lu Pingyuan, Lu Shanchuan, Ma Qiusha, Wang Guangle, Wang Sishun, Wang Yuyang, Xie Molin, Xu Qu, Xu Zhen, Yan Xing, Zhang Ding, Zhang Zhenyu, Zhao Yao and Zhao Zhao – these are the artists whose works are mainly exhibited in the museum.

The Exhibition was implemented by Collector John Dodelande. He is a collector from France and at the same time he has been a Georgian citizen since 2010.

“Silk Road is a real bridge between China and Georgia. The exhibition is a free word for modern Chinese artists. Such large scale an exhibition is first and unique in Caucasus region. Georgian visitors can see what people see in the developed world," John Dodelande says.
Curator of the project Ami Barak and the collector John Dodelande

The exhibition is curated by Ami Barak and supported by Georgia’s Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection. The media partner of the project is „BIO International”. As the founder and the director of the company, Olga Babluani talked to Georgian Journal about the event.

geotv.ge“The sound of a human beings’ inner world is exhibited. Top 10 best works by modern Chinese artists are displayed at the National Museum and it is one of the best cultural events in Caucasus region.

These are the very artists, who interpret today’s political, social, economic problems in their own way. Abstractionist genre (if we can call it so), is not very well known to Georgian art lovers. This new concept of thinking creates new emotional feelings in anyone.

The young collector John Dodelande understands the importance of Chinese-Georgian relations. Making the Silk Road project stronger is one of the priorities of Chinese government, which means this exhibition has a certain political meaning too.

Accordingly, it is very important for us to be media partners of such an event”.

The works are already displayed at the National Museum, however the official opening ceremony will take place on June 23.

The exhibition will close on September 11.

Here are some of the works you will see in the frames of “Constellation”:

Ai Weiwei
Chicken Cup, 2015. Courtesy: John Dodelande

Reproduction of porcelain "chicken cup" at Sotheby's auction 2014 with "Beijing Fake" marking, Case of iron wood.

Ai Weiwei multiplies an object considered as rare and precious. He makes fake cups to criticize the infatuation of Chinese rich people who pay millions for a porcelain cup. His replicas devalue the original traditional cup while revaluing the artist’s artwork.

Wang Guangle

090820, 2009; Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy: John Dodelande

Wang Guangle positions himself both in time and space, where the painting process influences the result and the concept of his works, carrying emotions through non-sequential art series. Moving from the edges of the canvas to the centre in a methodical way he creates a sense of depth between monochromes and colorful surfaces.

Liu Wei

Purple air G, 2008; Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy: John Dodelande

Liu Wei interrogates his urban environment and city organization in a linear and mathematical practice. With Purple Air G, he questions urbanity in vertical, systematically patterned paintings.
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