Georgian film 8 Minutes wins Manhattan Film Festival
10 October, 2017
Georgian apocalyptic short film, 8 Minutes, has recently achieved great international success at the world’s important films festivals. On September 29, at the Sydney Indie Film Festival, the film was nominated in 7 categories, including The best film and The best music nominations. Finally, a short film was named the best science fiction piece at Sydney Indie Film Festival. It is noteworthy that this genre separately does not exist in Georgian cinema at all.
After this great success, 8 Minutes
claimed the main award at Manhattan Short Film Festival as well. Short film by Georgian directors was listed among top 10 best films at the festival. Being selected among the finalists also made the film automatically eligible for the 2018 Academy Awards.
The Manhattan festival, which screens its selections to over 100,000 cinema enthusiasts, picked 8 Minutes among its finalists earlier this year.

Selected from over 1,600 initial submissions from 75 countries, the 10 shortlisted films were screened to cinema-lovers before they cast their votes.

The apocalyptic short film 8 Minutes directed by George Gogichaishvili and David Abramishvili follows different characters in their decisions in an apocalyptic scenario before a total solar blackout. The whole world is in panic and Tbilisi, Georgia, is no exception. The film unveils the last 8 minutes of the human kind’s history, depicting the chaos and disappointment among the people before the end of the sun. The film is called 8 Minutes , because it takes exactly 8 minutes for the sun ray to reach the earth. The lead charactres in the film are : Ani Bebia, Giorgi Sharvashidze and Slava Natenadze.
The film is a debut product by Siber Films company, which unites young filmmakers Giorgi Gogichaishvili and Dato Abramishvili, screenwriters Mari Bekauri, and Zaza Koshkadze, and Producers Gega Khmaladze and Magda Datuashvili.

The debut project of the two Georgian directors introduced Georgian cinema to the international audience from different perspective.

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