The first independent Georgian rock group against Soviet ideology
13 October, 2017
Bermukha was the first independent rock group in Georgia opposing the ideology of the Soviet regime with its music and lifestyle.

The oldest Georgian rock band emerged in 1965. Bermukha’s music incorporated the elements of folk music mixed with the rhythm and blues, jazz and hard rock.

This was the first rock group who dared and played American style music in Georgia and introduced rock genre to Georgian audience.

Later, in the 1970s, similar bands against the Communist regime and
Soviet ideology also appeared, but Bermukha was a real pioneer among them.
Bachi Kitiashvili, founder of the band Bermukha, was one of the first Georgian musicians who played forbidden rock music in Soviet times. He founded the band in 1965, in Rustavi, a city in the southeast of Georgia. Since then the rock group , has been popular with Georgian underground music lovers.

The band had been performing the famous foreign hits as well as their own compositions for several years. The group’s mots popular hits are "Eagle" and "Today we are together."

“We have been actively performing for 12 years. Bermukha reached its peak of popularity during this period of time. We have been traveling from town to town, from village to village. We held concerts in Moscow, Sochi, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities as well.
To be honest, I am surprised that there are so many young people listening to our music today. Bermukha was so popular that there was a case when the roadroad was closed due to the flow of the huge audience attending our concert in Kutaisi (the capital of Georgia’s Imereti Region). ” – Bachi Kitiashvili used to recall.

Sadly Georgian rock-musician, guitarist Bachi Kitiashvili passed away after long illness in April 2016.
The legendary guitarist called himself and his band The Dissidents. Each concert held by them was expression of protest against soviet regime. Sadly the group could not record albums because they could not find sponsors at that time, so they only performed at the concerts.

Bachi Kitiashvili is still considered the father of Georgian rock music.

The footage features the rock group performing its iconic hit Eagle (Artsivi in Georgian). The performance was recorded few years ago.

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