Unique footage from archive – Sukhishvili’s Nino Ramishvili performing Jeirani dance
25 October, 2017
The footage dating back to 1970 depicts 60-years-old Nino Ramishvili (one of the founders of Sukhishvili National Ballet) performing Georgian national dance Jeirani. She was known as the best performer of this incredibly beautiful dance based on the classical ballet elements and the synthesis of dynamic scenes reflecting the hunting ritual. The dance incorporates not on
ly classical ballet movements but also paints a picture of a hunting scene.

Everyone who saw Jeirani performed by Nino Ramishvili cannot forget the passionate l body movements of the dancer who conquered the spectators.
Georgian national dance is prominent throughout the world due to the nature and unique characteristics it embodies. One of its most charming features is that it symbolizes the respect felt by men towards women and modest nature of the latter. Traditionally, the male dancer does not as much as touch his female partner during the dance.
The best and widely known performer of Georgian national dances is internationally acclaimed Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilebi. The dances staged by The Georgian National Ballet for over the years have become a tradition. Children's ensembles, dancing circles, amateur groups teach by the methods of Sukhishvilebi company.

The Georgian National Ballet has conquered the concert halls of around the world. Sukhishvilebi appeared at the Albert Hall, The Coliseum, The Metropolitan Opera, Madison Square, and dozens of famous venues. In 1967, La Scala welcomed them - it is the first and the only time a folklore group was given a chance to perform there. The curtain was lifted 14 times, a record.

The Georgian National Ballet was the first professional state dance company in Georgia. Thanks to this company the Georgian national dancing and music have
become known in many parts of the world.
Sukhishvilebi was founded by dance couple Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945, it was initially named as the Georgian State Dance Company. This dance couple played a significant role in developing and preserving Georgian dance culture.

Nino Ramishvili and Iliko Sukhishvili performing dance Svanuri

Nino Ramishvili and Iliko Sukhishvili became partners both on stage and in life. They made their dream a reality. Their life together was an adventure of creativity, which was later transferred from generations to generations.
Nino Ramishvili (1910–2000) was a Georgian ballet dancer and master, the People's Artist of the USSR and Georgia, and one of the best women performers of Georgian dance. Together with her husband Iliko Sukhishvili, she founded The Georgian Dance Company where she became soloist and dance teacher until 1972; after which she became chief choreographer and the matriarch of The Georgian National Ballet.
Nino ramishvili during rehearsal. Photo courtesy Georgian Archive

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