Björk attends the rehearsal of Georgia’s National Philharmonic Orchestra
30 October, 2017
Björk, the legendary Icelandic musician and singer, arrived in Tbilisi on October 28. Björk will held concerts at the Tbilisi Concert Hall on October 31 and at Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater on November 3.

The musician plans to visit several regions of Georgia within the frames of a musical expedition to explore local music and folklore.

On October 29, the legendary singer personally attended the rehearsal of the Georgia’s Evgeni Mikeladze State Symphony Orchestra conducted by outst
anding contemporary Georgian maestro and composer Nikoloz Rachveli.

As we found out, one of the hosts of the musician while visiting Georgia will be Nikoloz Rachveli himself, the artistic director of the National Philharmonic Orchestra.The Georgian composer’s dream came true and he will be fortunate enough to perform on the same stage together with his favorite musician. As Nikolz recalls, he has been a big fan of Björk’s music for more than 20 years.
“- Bicork's visit includes traveling throughout several regions of Georgia such as Svaneti, Kakheti with the purpose to explore our ethnic and contemporary art. I am honored to be one of her companions and serve as a guide on this trip. Additionally, I hope I will have an opportunity to introduce to her my compositions as well. We have a lot of good things planned and I think Bicork will be definitely impressed by our folk culture.

I think that Björk will be extremely touched by Georgian polyphony, perhaps she will find an invisible connection with Gurian Krimanchuli (polyphonic folk song of Guria Region, Western Georgia). While listening to Svanuri Zari (mourning song of Svaneti, a historic highland in northwestern part of Georgia), she will feel the authentic spirit of our country.

Yet apart from old culture, we will give the renowned musician an isnight into the contemporary Georgian art, including electronic and classical music”, - Nololoz Rachveli notes.

First photo credit: Geotimes

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