Street artist reflects Georgian reality in her illustrations
08 December, 2017
My Georgian Reality is the illustration series inspired by everyday life. The author of those awesome artworks is Georgian contemporary artist Tamuna Tsakhnakia, better known by her pseudonym Tamoonz.The artist’s colorful and distinctive works of street art are already decorating our city.
Tamuna Tsakhnakia (Tamoonz)

Apart from being a successful street
artist, Tamuna’s art spans many other fields, she also creates animations for games, illustrates books and comics as well is involved in many interesting projects. Being a female street artist is not an easy task in Georgia, yet she proves gender does not matter in professions and is one of the pioneers in this sphere.
Lately the first graffiti shop and studio in Georgia hosted exhibition of her illustrations. The artworks united under the title My Georgian Reality uncover the everyday life of the citizens in a creative way.
Mini bus driver

As Tamoonz says , her artworks were inspired by the reality in the country.

“I came up with the idea of creating such kind of illustrations based on our reality, what we see and feel every day. While looking at my artworks, one will find the characters who are very familiar to us, ordinary people like raspberry seller ,mini bus driver etc. As Tamoonz explains, her illustrations do not have any concrete goal and they do not focus on particular topic. Through her works of art she simply uncovers the reality and tells stories of ordinary people from an artist’s perspective.
A woman eating Khinkali (Georgian dumpling)

As Tamuna told Georgian Journal, it took her only 2 weeks to create such a beautiful and original series of illustrations.

“Since I'm very busy, I always have a lot of work to do, and I almost never have free time. So I had to draw 14 artworks in about 2 weeks.The illustrations were done digitally.”
Banana seller

It should be mentioned that her success went beyond Georgia’s borders. Tamuna's works of art done in ink and watercolors are kept in private collections in London and Paris. In London at group exhibition her painting was named the Critics’ Choice. In 2012 Tamoonz was invited to take part in Street Art Festival in Belgium. Besides she has taken part in local festivals and created a number of amazing murals. In 2016 she travelled to Nepal and participated in PRASAD Street Art Festival.
A woman sales raspberries

“At present, I work in several directions – visual art, street art, illustrations, video games concept art and comics” – Tamoonz said in the interview with Georgian Journal.

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