American rock group Imagine Dragons to perform in Georgia in September
28 March, 2018
American rock group Imagine Dragons to perform in Georgia in September
Imagine Dragons, popular American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, will hold concert in Georgia. Company Fix Group has spread the information recently.

According to the manager of the project, Irakli Koberidze,they have already settled on the sum. At this stage, details about the venue where the concert will take place are being discussed. As the manager of the project stated, the tickets will be available from May 4.
Imagine Dragons

Company Fix Group has offered two venues of the
concert to rock group and now they are waiting for the answer from the manager of the band. The exact date of the concert will be revealed after choosing the venue. Reportedly, the concert date and place will become known during a press conference on May 1.
Imagine Dragons will visit Georgia in September

Imagine Dragons will visit Georgia within the framework of Evole World Tour. Famous American rock band travels to different parts of the world within the frames of the mentioned tour. It is noteworthy that they will perform in Ukraine on August 31. In Europe, Georgia will be the last place where Imagine Dragons will end their tour.
Imagine Dragons' lead vocalist Dan Reynolds

The rock band will presumably arrive in the beginning of September.

Imagine Dragons is one of the most successful and popular modern rock bands not only in America, but throughout the world. Team members are as follows: lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, lead guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist and keyboardist Ben McKee and drummer Daniel Platzman.
Imagine Dragons is one of the most successful and popular modern rock bands

The band first gained exposure with the release of single "It's Time", followed by their award-winning debut studio album Night Visions (2012), which resulted in the chart topping singles "Radioactive" and "Demons". Night Visions is the most successful album of Imagine Dragons.

Billboard, an American entertainment magazine placed them at the top of their "Year In Rock" rankings for 2013and 2017 and named them their "Breakthrough Band of 2013" and "Biggest Band of 2017."
Billboard placed them at the top of their "Year In Rock" rankings for 2013and 2017

Rolling Stone, an American biweekly magazine focused on popular culture, named their single "Radioactive", which holds the record for most weeks on the Hot 100, from Night Visions the "biggest rock hit of the year", and MTV called them "the year's biggest breakout band".
MTV called them "the year's biggest breakout band"

The band's second studio album Smoke + Mirrors (2015) reached number one in the US, Canada and the UK. After a brief hiatus, the band released their third studio album, Evolve (2017) which resulted in the chart-topping singles, "Believer" and "Thunder". While all three albums were commercially successful, critical reception was mixed.
Imagine Dragons have sold 12 million albums and 35 million singles worldwide

Imagine Dragons has won three American Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, one Grammy Award, and one World Music Award. In May 2014, the band was nominated for fourteen Billboard Music Awards, including Top Artist of the Year and a Milestone Award, which recognizes innovation and creativity of artists across different genres. Imagine Dragons have sold 12 million albums and 35 million singles worldwide.
Imagine Dragons has won three American Music Awards

Imagine Dragons' musical style has mainly been described as alternative rock, pop rock, indie rock, electronic rock, dance-pop, pop, and arena rock. Their music also has some influences of folk, R&B, hip hop and EDM.
Imagine Dragons performing "Radioactive" at The Pageant on March 6, 2013

Radioactive, Demons, Bleeding Out, Believer, and Whatever It Takes can be considered as the most popular songs of Imagine Dragons.
The track “Radioactive” became the key to the band’s success

“Radioactive” became the key to the band’s success. This song played a huge role in getting Imagine Dragons to where they are today. Like "Whatever it Takes," "Radioactive" is another empowering track, said to be about overcoming the struggles that come along with managing mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.
The band is famous for their energetic and encouraging performance

The track “Demons” is another of the band's major hits. It was released as the fifth single from Night Visions. As it is already clear from the title, "Demons" is very deep and meaningful lyrically.

Basically, the band is famous for their energetic and encouraging performance and meaningful lyrics. These are the main factors that make Imagine Dragons the favorite rock band for the music lovers not only in America, but throughout the world as well.

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