Georgian pianist to hold a concert in Tel Aviv marking 100 years of Georgia’s Independence
23 May, 2018
The success story of Georgian musicians goes beyond the country’s borders. Alexnader Julakidze is yet another bright representative of Georgia abroad, namely in Israel. The celebrated pianist will perform at the concert marking 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of Georgia’s First Democratic Republic on May 26. As the pianist says, this will be his very first performance in front of Jewish audience, that is a huge responsibility and honor for him.

“The fact that two pianists will perform at the
concert and I am one of them makes extremely happy. I will perform in the first part while my tutor Maestro Vadim Monastirsky will perform in the second part”, says the young pianist.
Alexander Julakidze and Professor Vadim Monastirsky

The tutor and the pupil first met at the Weimar International Piano Masterclasses, 2016, where Professor Vadim Monastirski was attracted by the young Georgian pianist Alexander Julakidze and encouraged him to participate in Sent Petersburg’s White Nights International Piano Music Festival – 2017, of which Alexnader became a laureate - the III prize winner. This was a good stimulus for the young pianist a year later (February 2018) to enter the Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy, Professor Vadim Monastirsky's class.

The world classics and famous pieces of Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert and Franz Liszt will be performed at the concert on May 26.
Georgian pianist Alexander Julakidze will perform in I part following pieces: R. Schumann - Toccata (op. 7) F. Chopin - Fantasia (op. 49), J. Brahms - Ballade N. 4 (op. 10), F. Liszt - Spanish Rhapsody, while acclaimed Professor Vadim Monastyrski will present F. Schubert - Six Moments Musicaux (D780), F. Liszt - Sonet del Petrarca 104, F. Liszt - Sonet del Petrarca 123, F. Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody N. 12 in II part.

Alexander studies at Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy and simultaneously works at Embassy of Georgia to Israel.

“My parents are musicians and conductors of quires; hence I was raised surrounded by music. Thanks to my mother and her commitment to introduce me to the world of music I succeeded and became who I am now. She abandoned her work, set beside me and trained me as a musician. I also want to express my gratitude to my tutors who helped me to develop both as a musician and as a person. Goma Gogia, Tengiz Amirejibi, Nutsa Chirakadze and Manana Dopijashvili played significant role in my success and development as a professional. I graduated 10 Classes Music School for Gifted that has produced a number of celebrated musicians and professionals over more than 100 years. Tbilisi State Conservatoire is another important music hub that I miss so much. I am satisfied with my life and I honored to represent my country though my activities and performances. By wining various competitions and receiving congratulations I feel that I have served my country”, Alexnader Julakidze elaborates.
Even though Alexnader represents the world of classical music he praises and supports electronic music scene in Georgia that has developed over recent years.

“As for my future plans, I plan to devote my life and career to music. I am a pianist and I want to play until the end of my life. Georgia possesses immense heritage and we have to find ways to better promote it. Tbilisi State Conservatoire and Georgian folk music coupled with Georgian electronic music scene that has established itself on the global scale serve as a wonderful example of the diverse Georgian culture. Here in Tel Aviv everyone knows famous clubs of Georgia BASSIANI and KHIDI ,so we have to be proud of these scenes and do our best to develop Georgian electronic music.”

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