International Music Festival Tbilisi Open Air starts today
22 June, 2018
Tbilisi Open Air is an annual international festival held in Georgia. It is focused on mainstream music of different genres and creates great atmosphere for any kind of listeners or age groups. The organizers are famous Georgian musicians Achiko Guledani, Vakho Babunashvili, Beqa Jafaridze from AlterVision Group. AlterVision Group organizes various festivals, concerts and social projects. Tbilisi Open Air is considered as the biggest regional event in the Caucasus and one of the most interesting festivals in East Europe.
Tbilisi Open Air,
2017, Photo courtesy:

The music festival launched in 2009 with the slogan idea: “Music breaks free”. The organizers believe that the defining idea behind the festival is Freedom. This is freedom from stress, clichés, social controls, freedom to create and express, freedom to experience what is valued by every single one of us as individuals. Tbilisi Open Air intends to open possibilities for international music, invite famous musicians from all over the world and encourage local musicians to export their music internationally.
Tbilisi Open Air, Georgian singer Nina Sublatti, 2017, Photo courtesy:

At first, the organizers intended to create an alternative version of Eurovision. The major reason of the idea was Stephane & 3G’s rejection to take part in Eurovision in 2009. The rejection was attributed to the organizers’ request to change the text of their song “We don’t wanna Putin”. After a successful year of Tbilisi Open Air in 2009, the project turned into an annual festival.
Tbilisi Open Air, Archive, 2017, Photo courtesy:

The festival met serious challenges in the beginning. As far as it was the first music festival, nobody had an experience how to manage the event. The main components of Music Industry such as Label, Publisher and Promoter had no corresponding terms in Georgian. The organizers had to pave the way by themselves. The festival has already had a history of 9 year, which means that they have had put great effort into branding the country, attracting tourists and discovering gifted Georgian artists.
Tbilisi Open Air, 2017, Photo courtesy:

Tbilisi Open Air has hosted bands like Deep Purple and Archive from England, Infected Mushrooms and Beth Hart from The USA, Zemfira from Russia, Kollektiv Turmstrasse from Germany, Salio, Loudspeakers, Green Room, Nino Qatamadze from Georgia, etc. The headliners of the 2018 festival are: Tom Odell, Roisin Murphy and Kayakata. Rachel Yamagata is a special guest.
Tbilisi Open Air, Deep Purple, 2013, Photo courtesy:

The three-day festival will be held at Lisi Wonderland. Listeners set up their own tents which are organized by EcoCamp. Tents include showers, toilets, locker points, resting area, mobile phone chargers and lots of fun. So, you can make yourself homes and enjoy the shows. This year’s festival will be held from 22-24 June.

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