Virtual Museum to open in Tbilisi
26 July, 2018
A Virtual Museum is to open in Tbilisi, (at Tabykashvili Street ) by the end of August. The price of a ticket will range from 7 to 10 GELS.

The idea is, that this will be a facility that will enable members of the public to explore the historic sites of Georgia with the aid of multimedia glasses. They will also be able to see how restoration work is progressing at these sites.

Nikoloz Antidze, the director of the National Agency
for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia says that the museum will be suitable for foreign, as well as Georgian visitors. The public will initially be able to explore only 10 historical sites of Georgia.
Part of Vardzia complex. Photo courtesy:

“We are presently completing work on the project. We are also working to provide appropriate equipment for the museum. We have a fully scanned version of the Vardzia complex. We will offer only ten sites this year, but will increase this number gradually. It will be available for visitors to fully explore Georgian historical sites” – says Nikoloz Antidze.

Places like Mutso, Uplistsikhe, Gergeti Church are included within the 10 sites.

According to Nikoloz, the agency will initially manage the museum, pending a hand over when a suitable company is identified.

“We should offer high quality service to visitors, so we are discussing options with several organizations. However no final decision has been made about the management issue” – says Nikoloz.
Uplistsikhe complex. Photo courtesy: wikipedia

The current investment cost of the project has been covered by the agency’s own resources. The project does not require large amounts of money, so contributions from the state budget is not necessary.

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