Sno – Georgian dance performed by the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet
10 September, 2018
Previously we have published the Georgian dance – very traditional and one of the oldest in the history of Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet. But the ensemble transforms and creates new dances. The current dance is called Sno – that is a place in Kazbegi, in the Mountains of Georgia.

The current composition is relatively new, but it is already very popular among Georgians. This dance is included in nearly every concert Sukhishvili ensemble holds throughout a year.

The dance Sno is
composed using elements from other dances. There are dances that take origin in different parts of Georgia. The current one reflects reality of the mountainous regions of Georgia.

Dancers wear Papakhi or a hat made from wool. They wear traditional Georgian clothing Chokha.
In the beginning whole group dances, but then we see solos – each of the dancers perform different tricks.

Enjoy the video!

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