Tbilisoba 2018 in photos
06 October, 2018
Tbilisoba is an annual festival held on the last weekend of October but this year it takes place on the first weekend of October. The reason for that is presidential election that is due on the 28th of October.

It was first held on October 28, 1979, and has since become an established tradition. The festival features open-air concerts of traditional music and dancing and various cultural events, centered on Old Tbilisi, the historical part of the city. Beyond celebrating the
city's past and present, people from all over Georgia represent their region at the fair of the harvest and Rtveli. Awarding honorary citizenship of Tbilisi by the city government also occurs in the framework of Tbilisoba.
Churchkhela is one of the most beloved sweets in Georgia

The festival was created at the initiative of Eduard Shevardnadze, then the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, to honor the capital and counter attendance at religious events as part of his program to overcome "manifestations of nationalism" through introducing new "socialist traditions". The event became a celebration of the city's 1,500-year history and had the unintended effect of engaging Georgians more intensely in their national history. The festival remained dormant during the civil unrest of the early 1990s. It was resumed in 1995 and has since been held annually.
Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze and PM MAmuka Bakhtadze drinking wine in Rike Park

Take a look of this year's Tbilisoba in our gallery:
Lots of Mtsvadi is prepared at the Tbilisoba
People arriving at Tbilisoba. The photo is taken in the Rike park
Tbilisoba 2018 installation in Rike Park
Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze arrived with his children
A grandmother selling churchkhela. Lots of people come from regions to bring products and sell them at the event
Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze and PM Mamuka Bakhtadze in Rike park
A man preparing Mtsvadi. Special places are divided for guests to taste cuisine at the event
Stage and camps are already prepared for concerts
rarity and sport car exhibition on the Metekhi bridge
At the designated areas special decorations are installed
Children take a look at vintage cars
Rarity cars are specially exhibited annually at Tbilisoba
Guests can take part in different activities at the event
Some fruits from the event
An inside look in one of the vintage cars
Tbilisi mayor and PM were handed with their cartoons
People of every age have fun during Tbilisoba
Churchkhela and other sweets are sold at the event

Photo courtesy: Giorgi Zhamerashvili

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