Georgian Wine Festival 2018 kicks off on the 13th of October
13 October, 2018
Actors from the Motion theatre, drummers, fire show, Georgian folklore and the most important – Georgian wine – this is a short list of activities available at the Georgian Wine Festival 2018 on the 13th of October, on the Sioni street in Tbilisi. The event starts at 12 pm and lasts till 7 pm.

Georgian Wine is a cornerstone of the event

The festival was opened by minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia Levan Davitashvili. He said that
it has become a tradition to hold Wine Festival in Tbilisi in October.
Program of the event in the English language

“In Georgia in October it is already a tradition to hold different festivals and events. It has already been established to hold Wine festival in Tbilisi, on the Meidani square. At first we celebrated a Wine Day, then we held a Wine Week and saw that lots of people are interested in such activities. That is why we have decided to hold this year’s Ghvinobistve (in the past, October was called Ghvinobistve in Georgia. The name comes after wine - ghvino) that will last for several weeks in Tbilisi and in other regions of Georgia” – said Levan Davitashvili.
Apart from wine, fruit and other sweets are also available at the event

The event is organized by online-shop and media portal and Meidan Group for the second time. This year, along with large companies, small entrepreneurs actively participate and represent their products at the event.
It is available to obtain the Georgian souvenirs

Georgian cuisine is widely represented

“Today on the Shardeni Street we hold Georgian Wine Festival 2018. We organized the event for the second time. This year, unlike to the last year, small wine cellars also take part in the event. Around 50 companies are represented at the event. Georgian churchkhela, dried fruit, unique cheese, Georgian accessories are also represented. I want to tell everybody to come and enjoy themselves. We offer to the guests different entertainment activities like fire show, folklore, clowns on stilts and memes. So visit us and enjoy yourself” – said an organizer of the event and representative of Anano Tavkhelidze.
A stand for, online wine shop

Georgian folk concerts are availabe

Apart from various types of wine, unique cheese, churchkhela and dried fruit, it is available for guests to attend concerts of the Georgian ensembles: Nanina, Oda Bade, Nartebi, Martve.
Fruits and vegetables are also represented at the event

Georgian homemade wine companies are also represented

Representatives of wine companies unanimously say that for popularization of the Georgian products it is very important to hold such events. “Tourists are especially interested in the Georgian wine” – they emphasize.
50 wine companies are represented at the event

“We represent Brother Khutsishvili Wine Cellar located in Telavi. It is a small cellar run by our family. We have 5 types of products made in Qvevri, according to the old Georgian traditional method. These products are Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Kisi and Rkatsiteli Mtsvane. We also have different types of Chacha made by our cellar” - Gela Khutsishvili, one of the founders of Brother Khutsishvili Wine Cellar says.
There are lots of people attending the event

“I welcome these kind of festivals. It gives a possibility to both large and small wine cellars to represent their wine. These kind of festivals contribute a lot to the popularization of the Georgian products" – says Gela Khutsishvili.
Actors from the Motion Theatre

Partners of the event are Motion Theatre, The Folklore State Centre of Georgia and ART Shok Company.

Media supporters of the event are TV PalitraNews, Palitra Radio,,,, kvirispalitra,,,
Some of the hosts wear traditional Georgian cloths - Chokha
Lots of people attended the event last year as well
Food and drinks are available for free
A decoration made from bottles of wine

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