Georgian song Suliko performed at the Frankfurt Buchmesse 2018
15 October, 2018
Georgia was granted an incredible title this year. The Frankfurt Book Fair which is one of the biggest and most significant cultural and intellectual events all over the world chose Georgia as a guest of honor of the 2018 fair.

All year round German theatres, galleries, libraries or concert halls are hosting Georgian works. In order to indicate that Georgia is the guest of honor of the fair, Frankfurt metro stations have been decorated with the posters of the
Georgian alphabet. Georgian alphabet is the main concept through which the country appeared before the international audience.

The characters of the Georgian alphabet by Giorgi Bokhua

The design of the Georgian Pavilion at the fair was created by the Georgian designer Gia Bokhua. A 40-year-old Giorgi Bokhua is a well-recognized Georgian designer. The designer has worked for companies such as Disney, New Balance, NFL, Wired Magazine, etc.

One of the best parts of the Buchmesse was the Georgian song “Suliko” performed by the members of the fair. The song is composed by Barbare Tsereteli and the author of the poem is Akaki Tsereteli, a famous Georgian writer. The video was uploaded by a Georgian Specialist in literature Lasha Bakradze. He wrote that it is probably the first time when the members of the fair arranged a surprise for the guest of honor.

The famous Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili at the Frankfurt Book Fair

On the 9th of October, The Frankfurt Book Fair officially commenced. The Georgian program at the Fair was opened by the Famous Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili. Speeches were delivered by the famous Georgian writers and the prime minister.

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