Nikortsminda Cathedral renovation works to finish successfully
26 November, 2018
Nikortsminda Cathedral renovation works to finish successfully
Nikortsminda Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox Church, located in Nikortsminda, Racha region of Georgia. Nikortsminda was built in 1010-1014 during the reign of Bagrat III of Georgia and was repaired in 1634 by the King Bagrat III of Imereti. Three-storied bell-tower next to the Cathedral was built in the second half of the 19th century. Frescoes inside the Cathedral date from the 17th century.
Renovation works of the Nikortsminda Cathedral

The Cathedral is on the Tentative List for status as a
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Renovation works are again underway in the church. Several months ago remnants of unique relief were discovered. Scientists were about to start to study the relief. It was also planned to cover certain parts of the roof with glass so that it would always be possible to see the interior.
The interior of the Nikortsminda Cathedral

After two months from the discovery, Head of National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia Nikoloz Antadze tells us about conditions of the Nikortsminda Cathedral.

“Current project is among the most serious and successful projects, envisaging restorations works according to the modern standards” – says Nikoloz Antadze. “Italian Stefano Volta was involved in consultations. He is one of the leading specialists in conservation works of similar kind of sites”.
Renovation works of the Nikortsminda Cathedral

“We have achieved the most important result: in the short-term perspective, restoration works for the Nikortsminda Cathedral will not be necessary. Problems concerning the roof, floor, doors, conservation works for stone parts – everything is solved. I think, this is among the most important and successful projects after the 1990s, when Georgia declared independence”.
Renovation works of the Nikortsminda Cathedral

It is planned to cover some parts of the roof with glass – those parts of the church that were renovated will be visible from outside. Visitors will be able to use Drones to record videos. This option will be available for scientists and those who want to make research and not for every visitor. It is impossible to let all of them get to the roof – otherwise, a ladder should be installed there and will give a touristy appearance to church, what is wrong, says Nikoloz Antadze.
Renovation works of the Nikortsminda Cathedral

Head of National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia says that glass roof will not change the Cathedrals appearance, nor will it affect negatively on its old look. “Nikortsminda is famous for its reliefs and frescoes. Its roof was changed several times. The current one is very durable”.

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