Adjarian Borano Granted Cultural Heritage Status
14 March, 2019
National Agency for Cultural Heritage Reservation of Georgia has recently announced that the Adjarian dish Borano has been granted the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia.
Borano is a traditional dish from Georgia’s Adjara region, made with Sulguni cheese and melted butter. Usually, melted butter is poured over soft cheese, causing it to melt and stretch. Borano is sometimes called Georgian fondue. There are two versions of borano, one is served in the form of melted cheese in butter while
the second version is prepared with cheese and eggs.
The status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia had earlier been given to Georgian dishes such as Khachapuri (Georgian breadcheese), dambal khatcho, a dish made from curd from the Pshavi highland region and ajika, a spicy sauce from Megrelia and Abkhazia.

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