Georgian actors awared at Redline International Film Festival
19 March, 2019
Redline International Film Festival is a leading international indie short film competition founded by Canadian indie filmmakers. The festival accepts short films under 30 minutes in length of any genre and from any country. Each month the Canadian festival selects and showcases some nominated films. After the conclusion of the screening, the jury members vote to decide on the winner for the 'Jury's Choice: Best Short Film' award.
One of the nominees for the February, 2019 edition of the Redline International
Film Festival was the Georgian film “Bad People” directed by Giorgi Tavartkiladze. The film actors Vakhtang Chachanidze and Jano Izoria have been awarded Best actor and Best Supporting actor titles respectively.

“After collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 presidential and op positional forces confronted on the main avenue of the capital Tbilisi. Gia is a soldier of op positional forces during this civil war. He needs to get medicines for his ill son, meanwhile he occasionally meets a school friend, who fights for the interests of presidential forces,” – Giorgi Tavartkiladze about “Bad People”.
Redline International Film Festival aims to celebrate those talented actors, actresses and the films that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

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