Construction of toilet in the gate of Georgian temple stopped – What happened in Doliskana?
11 May, 2019
Doliskana is a Georgian medieval Orthodox monastery in the Medieval Georgian kingdom of Klarjeti (modern-day Artvin Province of Turkey). It is now used as a mosque. Its construction was finished in the middle of the 10th century, during the rule of Sumbat I of Iberia. It is located high above the right bank of the Imerkhevi River.

Yesterday Georgian historian Buba Kudava wrote a post on Facebook that caused vide outcry among both Georgian citizens and the media.

“Alerting, completely incomprehensible
and unbelievable news from Tao-Klarjeti!

Pictures by Buba Kudava show the site and lavatory pans in the gate

In the gate of the Georgian temple of the 10th century a toilet is being built! I have just received pictures. Holes are already dug up and covered with wire grill. Pipes are ready, appropriate materials for further works are provided. Maybe they will pour concrete soon.

There are many facts how local historic landmarks were damaged (intentionally or unintentionally), but a trend of the last decade was positive” – said historian Buba Kudava in his Facebook post.

He hoped for the urgent reaction from appropriate ministries and agencies both in Georgia and in Turkey.

In another post Kudava said that the intention to build a toilet inside the temple came from local villagers. They thought the toilet would serve tourists. He also showed his gratefulness for quick response from the authorities.

After the involvement from the Georgian and Turkish authorities construction of the toilet was stopped.

Fortunately, Georgian embassy in Turkey got involved. Ambassador Gia Janjghava said that instant moves were made and construction in the temple was stopped.

“Turkish side showed kindness and opposed illegal actions on the site” – said Gia Janjghava.
Today Buba Kudava wrote a post on Facebook and thanked authorities, both Georgian and Turkish for instant reaction.

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