15 years of creating opportunity for journalists - BP and British Council in Georgia offer English Language Courses for members of the Georgian Media
19 June, 2019
BP initiated media development program has trained more than 400 representatives on print, broadcast and online media in English language in Georgia. BP covers the tuition, teaching, learning resources, networking events and access to international training opportunities all aimed at:

• Increasing access to global media: 25% of the internet is in English

• Increasing communication skills and confidence with face-to-face teaching

• Increasing networking opportunities: social events organised by the British Council, to enable the participants to meet business representatives,
famous artists, actors, musicians, journalists, politicians and ambassadors from the UK and practise their English in real life environment

Stephen Shelley, Teaching Centre manager for British Council in Georgia said: ‘Our partnership and the program initiated by BP in Georgia has been unprecedented in the Caucuses. Since the launch we have recruited journalists who not only demonstrated the motivation to grow professionally and personally, but also dedicatedtheir professional lives to the development of journalism in Georgia’

‘Throughout 15 years media representatives have enhanced their English language skills, made professional and personal contacts, stepped up in their careers, obtained degrees and travelled abroad. And we are excited that BP and British Council in Georgia played a role in this’ said Gia Gvaladze, External Affairs manager for BP in Georgia.

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