Robot Mzia’s preparation for First global – she plays basketball and does pull ups
09 October, 2019
After the famous robot Vano, Robot Mzia is preparing for the international competition “First Global.” Last year, Team Georgia came third among 186 countries. This year, robot Mzia is going to attempt to improve his results. This year’s competition will take place at the end of October in Dubai, and its theme is Ocean Pollution. The students have to build a robot that can collect pollutants and distribute them in different reusing levels. In the game, a green field replaces the
ocean, and different sized balls – pollutants.

Team Georgia has already been working on their robot for 4 months. The team consists 6 of “The Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy” students, aged 16-17: Shalva Begiashvili, Ioane Kapanadze, Sophio Chikhladze, Mashiko Lortkipanidze, Nika Kiladze and Tekle Khmiadashvili. Two younger engineers, Damiane Kapanadze and Irakli Bakuradze, have helped them throughout the process as well.

“In the contest, two randomly chosen alliances are made, consisting of 3 countries each. The countries are changing in each game, so someone in your alliance might be against you in the next game,” – explains Ioane.

Team members are also actively paying attention to other teams’ robots - “Since Georgia has participated in the contest for 3 years, we can evaluate the robots quite accurately. It’s important to know that the visual side does not usually correspond with the success of the team; it’s more about teamwork and strategy” – says Mashiko.

The mentors of the team are their school’s physics teachers – Ilia Mestvirishvili and Archil Makashvili. They help the team in brainstorming and developing new ideas.

According to Nika, working on the robot is a huge learning experience, which doesn’t only entail the technical part. During the four months, they have argued a lot, even deconstructed the robot a couple of times. However, it is still a working process, and actually helps them develop their abilities.

Working on the robot has also been fun for the participants: if you visit their page on First Global, their biographies start with a rap about all five members and their hobbies. The main message of the lyrics is that they’re coming to win.

Even though the robot is almost complete and the competition is very near, there is one problem – finances. Part of the fees were covered by the American Academy and “TBC Status,” but the whole amount hasn’t been collected yet. The participants hope a new sponsor will help them guarantee their participation in First Global in the name of Georgia.

Team Georgia is sure that they will successfully compete and get involved in solving the problem of ocean pollution. “Pollution of the environment is a global topic, which is important for every country, including ours,” – says Tekle.

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