Kavkaz Jazz Festival presents: 22nd and 23rd of November, Tbilisi Music Forum and Showcase.
15 November, 2019
It is the first year for Tbilisi Music Forum and Showcase. Main goal of the event is development of music industry in Georgia and South Caucasus region. International and local experts of the field will discuss modern standards of the industry, local and international music markets, challenges and achievements.

Speakers of Tbilisi Music Forum are:

Bill Bragin NYU AD Arts center director European Jazz Network (EU)
Roel Vanhoeck - BOZAR, Jazz programm
ing and Music department, Belgium
Anna Linke, Bohemian Jazz festival in Prague, Czech Republic
Helen Mechitova, Kavkaz Jazz, Georgia
Inna Lytovka, Music Export, Ukraine

Discussion topics:

Music and Media
Regional and International Cooperation
Exchange Platforms
Festival Programming
Everybody Needs Money! Solutions
Cultural Tourism
Music Sector Ecosystem

Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijanian musicians will perform on South Caucasus showcase on 22nd and 23rd of November (Music Expo).

It is first year for Tbilisi Music Forum and South Caucasus Showcase. On the 10th anniversary of Kavkazz Jazz Festival we decided to pilot new project focused on development of music industry in South Caucasus helping people working in music sphere to communicate with field experts, discuss local challenges and possibilities.

Please, fill the registration form to attend Music Forum:

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Kavkaz Jazz Festival is widely known in the South Caucasus region and abroad as a non-profit festival which promotes cultural dialogue, jazz education and promotion of young emerging artists. After 9 successful years and notable achievements as promotion abroad, collaborations and positive narratives in conflict states using jazz as a tool, we move forward and bring music and jazz industry authorities to engage and meet regional artists and industry actors at the spot.

This will help with the lack of information and communication between our region and European countries, networking will help to reach internationally known venues, promoters and producers to establish future partnerships and bring South Caucasian musicians to international platforms.

Tbilisi Music Forum and South Caucasus Showcase agenda will be added soon.

Event Partners:

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Georgia
Tbilisi City Hall
Georgian National Tourism Administration
Tbilisi Turkish Embassy
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tbilisi

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