Lithuanian Library Advices To Watch Georgian Movies While In Self-isolation
01 April, 2020
A library in Lithuanian city of Klaipeda advices readers to watch Georgian movies. Their call was also posted on Facebook page.
“Get to know other cultures, feel about the lives of film heroes, to learn from amazing animation views” – the post says. “look for a reminder walking through mountain roads and watching the simple everyday of the village population.”

“Library Volunteer Nina invites you to watch the selected films of young and recognized film creators (with subtitles English. )
free - only during the pencil” – says post on Facebook.

On the 5th of April, 2018, National Independence Day of Georgia, Lithuanian State Language Commission made a decision to officially use Georgian word ‘Sakartvelo’ instead of the Russia version ‘Gruzija’ when referring to Georgia.

With this step Lithuania was the first country to refer to Georgia in its native Georgian language.

On May 2, 2018, Lithuania made a historic decision and changed Georgia’s name in its language. The decision was made to mark the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Georgia since 1918. Georgia also made important decision and the Georgian-language name for the country of Lithuania has officially been changed from Litva to Lietuva. The first name derives from the Russian version of Lithuania, and the second better reflects the pronunciation of the country’s name in its own language.

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