Love Video 2011 at Contemporary Art of Tbilisi
30 June, 2011

The first screening of “Love video 2011” will take place on June 27-30 at the Center of Contemporary Art of Tbilisi, at 18:00 pm. 

About 12 years ago the first call for entries was made in search for videos and short films. It was the beginning of housing of videos made by affordable video cameras. At the exhibitions, these films were shown on a TV screen or on the screen. They were simple stories, filmed performances and still shots.

Now these films

make up a body of 12 thematic programs and include about 100 films that are viewed at the Brigade des Images in France and abroad.

To celebrate the anniversary of moving pictures, an original theme - love video was taken up once again.

The films of this new batch treat the subject of love and/or cinema with the intimate form of narrative that reminds home videos. They speak of love or its absence and sometimes, of politics.