Expectation Leads to Disappointment
15 September, 2011

A lecture and presentation by Katharina Gruzie

On September 17,  Center of Contemporary Art- Tbilisi offers a presentation by  Katharina Gruzie. In her lecture Katharina Gruzei will give an overview of her practice that incorporates several Medias - predominantly Photography, Video, Performance and Sound. In her work the interest in borders between still and moving image unfold the history of image production itself and arouse thoughts on the authenticity of pictures deeply connected to the construction of history. She researched flee-market

photographs in regard to the staging of the body in early bourgeois photography which are a trace of gender specific stereotyping. The use of archives as a form of appropriation opens the field to re-writing history and potential additions. Artistic practices like collecting, arranging, re-organizing, repeating and remixing are being discussed within the presentation of the projects. Most recent projects are site-specific and deal with space, its use and the recall of the collective memory. The occupation of public space by diverse strategies seems to be a process that gains increasing importance within her artistic approach.

Katharina Gruzei studies Experimental Art and Art & Cultural Science in Linz, Austria. She studied abroad at the University of California Santa Barbara and in the class of Katharina Sieverding for Visual Cultural Studies in Berlin. Among receiving various Awards and stipends she held a guest lecturer at Stanford University California in 2009. She is currently traveling in the Caucasus and spontaneously dropping in at CCAT.