“Intoxications and Inspirational Errors” Volume 1:
03 November, 2011

Active Environment by Konstantin Mindadze

”In my project environmental installations are about global problems concerning timeless issues such as Time, Eternal Life, Inevitable Death, Religion and Knowledge. Also it’s about the human reality in today’s world of overloaded information, which on the one hand, is a source of infinite inspirations and on the other hand, can lead to dangerous distress in which visual expressions of inner sensations may stop. But this is temporary and may be illusionary too, because at every moment

something is being transformed. Transformed opinions, ideas etc. are expressed through new artifacts, methods, contents and interpretations”,  says multidisciplinary visual artist Konstantin Mindadze.

“Tintorentto and Illuminations”,  the artist’s project created for the 54th Venice Biennale became the inspiration for the completed project “Intoxication and Inspirational Errors” (Volume I). Artworks, based on the Biblical themes of XVI century Renaissance and Mannerism are naturally emphasized with Canonical Symbolism. While using modern technologies, the author gives a new context to symbolic elements; and he himself goes through a “life cycle”.

Tsinandali wine factory was chosen as a venue for the project where the objects will be arranged in a consecutive order. The spectator will apprehend each of them step by step. The arrayed objects will turn into a three-dimensional image. Exhibition will be followed by an after party with Georgian DJ Misho Urushadze behind the decks.