Passions of an Artist
17 November, 2011
Passions of an Artist

Recently a new Art Gallery started functioning in Tbilisi with 250 pictures by Edisher (Botso) Baramidze already in display, whose rather short life was marked by great productivity, original mixed technique, deep love for beauty and subtle sense of color. His was not an instant popularity, let’s say, he was recognized posthumously – real artists never die, their art stays with us forever... 

Edisher Baramidze grew up and matured right in front of my eyes in an outstanding family of art

lovers and professionals: mom Lia Svanidze – artist and poet, dad Givi Baramidze – writer, essayist, art critic and a fierce fighter against soviet regime, grandma – actress and grandpa – musician. No surprise that he was so richly endowed, but strange as it might sound, the family could not notice this multitalented boy’s precious salient faculties: he created music, he performed, he wrote poetry and sang. Edisher’s family was not doing well at all and he had to often go from job to job to survive. Most of the family died out early, and he was left to grow up only in his mother’s company which was not always as sweet as he would have liked to have been. Just imagine two artists on one turf! There were fights and quarrels of course, especially about each other’s works but love had prevailed and mother and son embraced life together in creative harmony and in whatever the day would suggest.

Edisher was an adventure seeker. Once he found himself in Kenigsberg. He said he wanted to see Kant’s grave – he was infatuated with the great philosopher’s ideas. Time passed and the young artist acquired a family nest of his own, but he still remained lonely. He did not easily put up with a married man’s daily routine – conformism got on his nerves. He was irritated by falsehood both in art and in people. He hated pop music and Brazilian soap-operas. What he loved was Beatles, elevated poetry, playing music and drinking with friends. He loved having guests although he often tired them to death with his unstoppable verbal rush and weirdo thoughts. Sometime he wanted to be utterly alone and avoided meeting with people, staying locked at home for weeks. By nights, when the wine usually kicked in, he would pen down strange poems and songs. He was surrounded by relatives living with him in a small apartment full of pictures: wife Keti Gogichashvili painted, daughter Nino too, and they all had their own ambition of an artist. Yes, there was a lot in Edisher’s life to cope with, which he could not always handle with simplicity.

Says Tamara Tsintsadze, patron of arts and shepherd of Baramidze’s talent:

“It was impossible to describe in a few words what and how Edisher painted. Often, he did not paint with a brush but created installations, used mixed technique with paints, stone, brick, clay, sawdust, human hair, woolen threads, seeds, other disparate things. Often this was prompted not only by originality, but by the lack of money. But, whatever the reason, richness of material and the artist’s imagination created a colorful gallery of pictures among which you can come across realistic, abstract or romantic portraits, still life, installations, cosmic bodies, images of people of various races and nationalities, static and dynamic figures, warriors, samurais, actors, musicians, dancers, nudes, flowers and swords, a butterfly and a lion, theatrical mysteries, buildings, ships, etc. He never painted pictures of real persons, but when he created his imaginary portraits, he always found in them likeness with somebody he knew – as if an opposite process took place. In his head reality and fantasy, sane and crazy ideas were fused, as we observe it in his art. In his work we see him as a naive, primitivist painter who also used surrealistic and impressionistic means of expression”.

Edisher indulged in drinking, seriously damaging his liver. He died at 52.  His mother, who was very far away from Georgia at that time, could not even see him in his final days. Edisher Baramidze is no longer around but life is complete with his fantastic art which seem to be a reincarnation of his body and survival of his soul.

On permanent display in the new art gallery, there are most interesting landscapes and portraits created by Edisher’s mother, Honored Artist of Georgia, and still lives made by Edisher’s wife. Actually, in this gallery everything revolves around Edisher Baramidze. It took Tamar Tsintsadze about 15 years to put together this collection. She started as an amateur but ended as a connoisseur of art. What a great tribute done to Georgian fine arts!


Visitors welcome to the Gallery, currently by appointment:

34, Kazebegi Ave (End of Gegechkori street in Saburtalo)

Tel: 577461038, 2369206, 2398172

Dr.Tamar Tsintsadze

Vice-president, Diplomatic Academy of Georgia

Director, Art Center & Gallery

Charter President of Rotary Club of Tbilisi Academia

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