Oleg Timchenko's Exhibition
01 March, 2012

Oleg Timchenko is a contemporary Georgian painter and founder of ‘The 10th Floor Group’. He was born in Tbilisi; he studied painting at Tbilisi Academy of Art. In 1987–1991 Oleg worked as a painter at the Marjanishvili Theater. At that time, Timchenko and his friends set up a theater group called ‘The 10th Floor Group’, which consisted of ‘Georgian Happening’ artists.

Several Years later he founded another artistic group called ‘Marjanishvili’.

His group displays  and solo exhibitions have been organized at different

venues of  Georgia as well as abroad. His collections are owned in Russia, Germany, Austria, USA and other countries. New Gallery, situated on 26, Besiki str. invites the persons interested to Oleg Timchenko's exhibition ‘Hop Gallery Painters’. The exhibition opens on February 29, at 6p.m.