Country of Traditions
01 May, 2014
Country of Traditions
Despite the constant wars and historical vicissitudes, Georgia, located at the crossroads that linked Europe and Asia, managed to preserve its ancient culture, traditions and values. Distinct architecture, polyphonic songs, fiery dances, tasty wine, old and rich cuisine is the heritage of Georgia. Georgia is situated at the crossroad of Europe and Asia – in the Caucasus. To the west it is boarded by the Black Sea, to the North – by the Russian Federation, to the south-east – by Azerbaijan, and
to the south – by Armenia and Turkey. Territory of Georgia is 69700 sq. km. population – 4 661473.
Nature in Georgia varies dramatically; it includes subtropical zone and Caucasian glaciers as well as a dessert. Landform of Country is mountainous. 16% of its territory consists of agricultural lands, 25% is pastures; 34% is covered by forests. The biggest rivers are Mtkvari and Rioni.
Georgia is a multinational country where Georgians, Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Azerbaijani, Russians, Assyrians and Kurds have lived for centuries. Multicultural coexistence has been established long ago and the country’s location at the oldest transportation crossroad, conditioned the diversity of its traditions, habits and cuisine. The Silk Road that linked Europe and Asia used to pass through Georgia. As a result, all hot news of the world of that time immediately reached Georgia; great variety of goods were brought here: gold, silver, fabrics, perfume oils, flavorings and spices. That’s why the Georgian culture is said to be a mixture, where both eastern and western values are combined. This is noticeable almost in everything and especially in cookery.


Capital of the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic is situated at the coast of the Black Sea. The city is distinguished by its nice beaches and beautiful architecture. Sokhumi is an important center of tourism.


Administrative center of Imereti is the second largest city of Georgia. Main sights of Kutaisi and its suburbs are: Bagrati Temple, Gelati Monastery, Motsameta, Geguti Fortress, Sataplia Cave, etc.


Old capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, nowadays recognized as a center of spiritual life, holds a special place in the culturai life of the country. Its popularity is based on three magnificent cultural monuments: Svetitskhoveli Temple, Jvari Monastery and Samtavro Convent.


Zugdidi is the administrative center of Samegrelo – Zemo Svaneti. Historically, it has always been one of the important cultural centers. During sightseeing in Zugdidi you can tour Palace of Dadiani (photo), Botanic garden, Cathedral, Boulevard, etc.


Telavi is the oldest city of east Georgia - one of the largest centers of viticulture and wine-making. It is situated at the foot of Gombori Range and overlooks the Alazani River. Telavi attracts tourists thanks to many historical places and admirable countryside.


Batumi is the administrative center of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and a big sea port. The city was built at the south-east coast of the Black Sea. Batumi, famous for its beautiful architecture and boulevard, comfortable hotels and restaurants, is one of the most noteworthy centers of tourism throughout the Caucasus and the Black Sea region.


Capital of Georgia since IV century is a colorful city, where harmonically merge ancient architecture and modern Europe. Tourists admire houses with beautiful balconies hanging over the the Mtkvari River. They enjoy delicious local food, which is served in all restaurants of Tbilisi.
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