Meidan Bazaar – Soul of Old Tbilisi
03 July, 2014
Meidan Bazaar – Soul of Old Tbilisi
“French traveler Jean Sharden already mentioned it in the 18th century. According to history, this place has always been a commercial square, although under different names – Shaitan Bazaar, Tatris Moedani, Tsikhis Moedani.”
If you want to buy traditional Georgian wine, handmade accessories, souvenirs, delicacies and many other things, there is a unique place for you in the very center of old Tbilisi, Gorgasali street – Meidan Bazaar.
The idea of Meidan Bazaar belongs to the company Akhali Gza and
Levan Karumidze, who told us something more about the historical importance of this place:
“The idea of creating a grand market belongs to us; although the French traveler Jean Sharden already mentioned it in the 18th century. According to history, this place has always been a commercial square, although under different names – Shaitan Bazaar, Tatris Moedani, Tsikhis Moedani.
This unique place and its well-known location gave us a great chance to again establish a marketplace here. We gathered talented people with a variety of skills and offered them a chance to participate. It turned out to be so easy…
Our work isn’t only aimed at well-known people. Anyone who can create something worthy or unique can join us. We’ll help them to sell their product. There is a place for everyone at Meidan Bazaar,” said Levan Karumidze, creator of the idea.
Items made of felt using a traditional Georgian method, candles made of natural wax, clay wine jugs, enamel accessories, churchkhelas and cheese. This is but a fraction of what Meidan Bazaar has to offer.

Author: Salome Shikhashvili
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