Stefan Hipp: “I love walking through the old part of Tbilisi”
04 September, 2014
Stefan Hipp: “I love walking through the old part of Tbilisi”
“I love walking through the old part of Tbilisi” – Stefan Hipp, Managing Partner of the world’s largest German baby food company, HiPP, told Georgian Journal. His father, Claus Hipp, CEO of the company even owns a house in Svaneti, the beautiful mountainous region of Georgia.

“People make up the charm of every country. Georgian people are so open, so friendly, so interested in everything. So I think one very big asset of Georgia is the people.
The thing that
impresses me most is Georgia’s nature. I come from an area where we also have the mountains, but our mountains are not as big, as impressive as the Georgian ones.
Then of course there is the very interesting, long history and culture of the country. It is historically a very interesting country because it has traces of many things – starting from the Christians of Palestine who went up to the north and first came to Georgia.
If you look at the old churches in Tbilisi, they are more than a thousand years old. As I was raised as a Catholic, this is something that is also precious to me.
In Tbilisi I love walking through the old part of the city. This is very special for me because it has a very special charm. The old buildings and also the old trees, as you walk under them, watching people walking around – I think this is something really extraordinary.
I like the restaurant Pur Pur very much. I go there whenever I have time. I think this is a very unique place. I haven’t found a place like it anywhere – it is again the charm, the whole environment. You go up the stairs and you are in another world, a kind of dream world. It is very cozy.
As for Georgian food – of course Khachapuri: Everybody who comes to Georgia loves it. Also, the salads and certainly the walnut sauce.
The culture is what I am very impressed with because in Georgia it plays such an important role in different parts of social life. It seems like everybody in Georgia is interested in culture. You can start talking to somebody about art or music and it does not matter where you come from. Georgians can talk with you for hours. This is not typical in other countries. I don’t think I’ve ever found a country where people are so involved in culture.”

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