Colorful Lakes of Abudelauri - Heaven on Earth
02 October, 2014
Colorful Lakes of Abudelauri - Heaven on Earth
It is a land far away from civilization, hidden from the outside world. Nowhere else in Georgia will you find a place which feels so mysterious, unique and magical—a place where ancient pagan traditions survive. Here you can get closer to the interesting history of the Khevsurs – people who despite becoming christians in middle ages, till this day strongly believe in pagan deities. This is a land of unique songs, cuisine, incredible nature and proud people who despite intensive
depopulation were able to preserve their own identity. It is definitely worth visiting to feel the mystery of Khevsureti.

Abudelauri’s colorful lakes come from glaciers. There are three: a green, a white and a blue lake, which aren’t located far from each other. There are no fish in these lakes. The most distinguished amongst these is the last one. From three sides the lakes are surrounded by the mountains, making the scene even more spectacular.
A highway stops right at the border of the village Roshka. Then you must take the road further in to reach the lakes. The passage is long and tough. Though you definitely won’t get bored, as you’ll come across the Roshka Rocks scattered around you. Soon you’ll see the Chaukhi range, hidden in the clouds.
A little further is blue lake. The words “astonishing, beautiful and mesmerizing” aren’t enough when you start describing these lakes. But the road doesn’t end here. You have to go a little further up if you want to see the most stunning of all the Abudelauri Lakes, the white lake. Snow, stones, shingles and deck bushes complicate the hike but don’t give up. Soon your perseverance will be rewarded once you see the clear water, which in some places might seem baby blue. Time seems to stop. It is like a dream come true. You wont want to return back to the city; once you leave this place, you never cease missing it.

Georgian Journal spoke with NIKOLOZ TSIVILASHVILI, a member from the group “Drive Georgia”, who told us many interesting stories about Abudelauri colorful lakes:
“The lakes are surrounded by the mountains from three sides with makes the scene even more beautiful. It’s really hard to describe such magnificence. It’s just so impressive. Also, this place is very popular among tourists. This is a charity event where we help families who suffer from poverty. One GEL from every ticket sold is given to those families as well as other donations. Today we will visit a family with 12 children who are below the poverty line. Overall we obtained 450 GEL for this family.”
There are rough roads, sometimes dangerous, but beautiful and exiting. It takes 3 hours from Tbilisi to the small village of Roshka, from where the trekking begins. The footpath is not very difficult, it’s just long .When you see the wonderful lakes, you will forget that you spent 5 hours to get here.
The silence around you, the rocky peaks of Chaukhi behind you, and a small lake in front of you create a mystical effect. It is the best place to rest and to picnic.
It will be one of most beautiful and exhilarating walks you have ever done.

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