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10 Art-Cafes worth visiting in Tbilisi
23 February, 2015, a U.S. monthly music and entertainment digital magazine, has published an article written by Brooklyn based writer and traveler ‘Ashley’, dedicated to the art-cafes of Tbilisi, Georgia.

“Picture a post-Soviet Italy influenced by the Middle East in the depths of the Caucasus Mountains and you have Tbilisi, Georgia. For travelers to this capital, a great way to understand the city’s modern sensibilities and its renewed pride—after freeing itself of Moscow’s governance—is to visit an “art-cafe,” where Georgia’s true identity
flourishes.” - reports.

Here we present the list of 10 Georgian art-cafes published by the above mentioned magazine. These places stand out with their distinct atmosphere and food as well as reflect the local culture.

1. Art-Cafe HOME

2. Prospero’s Books and Caliban’s Coffeehouse

3. Moulin Electrique

4. Factory 27

5. Cafe-Gallery

6. Boogie Woogie Pre-Club Bar

7. O Moda, Moda

8. Geras Bina

9. Book Corner Cafe

10. Linville

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